30 Oct 2011


Alright!  My first thrift share post.  I'm hoping I don't screw this up.

I have a few small things this week that I found, some for Etsy and some for Ebay and...some for me :D
Pictured is what I have and plan to put up on Etsy (I'm still working on getting photos right for Etsy - there's such a look about it).  A vintage Susan Bates knitting and crochet kit.  Really cute but I don't crochet and knitting something with needles that small would take me forever!  Hence, Etsy.  The black leather clutch (has a chain strap inside) is very 70s/80s? and super soft.  As I recall when I was about 13, I left one sitting on top of a car and never saw it again...

The scarves are awesome and I would love to keep them, but, though I've tried, I'm not really a scarf girl.  Sad, cause these are awesome (yup, 2nd time I've said that.  I'm dating myself).  Both are silk; one is Liberty of London and one is Lanvin.  I'm finding them really hard to date based on the labels, but neither are very recently made.
OK, so I'm linking up with Her Library Adventures and Apron Thrift Girl.

Have a great week!

26 Oct 2011

What the...?

So, I’m in the process of setting up an Etsy shop – getting those photographs just right is gonna kill me!  And I was thrifting around the other day, and I found this thing (see big picture below).  What is it??  I figured maybe an unusual teapot, and it seems that some Japanese teapots have the handle and spout in this configuration.  There is an imprint of some letter on the end of the handle – perhaps Japanese – but it’s a little worn and hard to read.

It may be not worth the $3 I paid, and therefore a great planter! or a super cool vintage piece that I can put in my burgeoning Etsy shop (thriftlove ;))