29 Mar 2012

It's Spring!

I haven't alot of time for thrifting lately but I have been trying to list my stash o'stuff that's been sitting in my basement for awhile!  So I have a few new things up on Etsy, including these lovelies.

I'm gonna try my hardest to get out and shop again - such hard work - and get myself organized for the next Thrift Share day!

I've also added a couple new reference sites that I've found to my ever growing list.  I love finding sites that can tell me about things I've found and am completely ignorant about ;)

23 Mar 2012

How refreshing!

I love you Cate Blanchett.
(via Laineygossip.com)
Cate Blanchett rocks.  On a magazine cover without retouching or Photoshopping.  You look awesome honey.

13 Mar 2012

One Day Late Thrift Share

Hello everyone!

My kids are on Spring Break and since I'm not willing to take them on a long thrifting shop with me...I have to go at night.  So last night was my night out, and I got some things I'm totally happy with!

First, great for morning coffee, two great big coffee mugs.  One is from Starbucks and the other looks to be a Disney parks mug.  Nice and BIG :)
I also found what I figured out is a Dansk paella pan.  I was looking around for the lid at the store, but am now thinking that it doesn't come with one.  None of the other listings I've seen have come with one.  It's a beauty.  Good and used, there's light black marks from use on the outside, but it almost looks like a marbly pattern to me - that's some good marketing for ya ;)
I also found a few great scarves: Vera and a Liberty of London (that I haven't photographed yet).

The darker one is silk and the mod swirl pattern is polyester.

And lastly, I'm hoping I've found a vintage suede Celine wallet.  Yes, I know, probably not, but I'm gonna hook up with PurseForum to see if I can authenticate it - or have my dreams crushed.

Happy thrifting week!

1 Mar 2012

American Tourister

So I found these wonderfully mod looking American Tourister bags from the mid 1970s at the store this week.

One in turquoise:

One in brown, with a great gold pattern:

Oh, can't see the pattern well in the pics - that's cause I suck at taking photos!!  Oh my goodness, like 30 minutes in lightroom just trying to get the colour right and still nothing.  Grrr.  Anyhow, these will be heading right away into my Etsy shop.  I love this buckles on these things, very art deco-y.

I also found this vase.
Now that picture almost seems to have the correct colour!  It's a heavy pottery vase, the flowers on it are maybe bluebells?  It's a really nice piece with a completely (to me) unrecognizable signature at the bottom.
Anyone, anyone?  Bueller, Bueller?  I'm gonna go check out A La Modern to see if I can find out anything about pottery marks as she seems to have alot of info on it.  It may be just local, I really don't know.

Happy Thrifting guys!