17 Jun 2013

thriftshare: June 17

What an awesome week for thrifting!

I came across an ad in our local online classifieds for a mid-century teak table and jumped on it.  The ad only said it was made in Norway, and I'm always looking for a nice coffee table.  Turns out it's a Mobler table made by Rasmus Solberg!  It's awesome, I gotta say. I paid $85, then found an identical one on 1stdibs.com for $2700.  *BIG SMILE*

OK, so the top of mine is a little rough, and it's a little bigger  - I don't know if that's good or bad when you're looking at a coffee table? - but it's beautiful.  Larger in scale than our last table, but we'll get used to it.    Here's my baby ;)

I also got to a couple of stores and have actually managed to list some stuff this morning - it's a good day when I'm productive!  I left the store with a couple more silk scarves.  I find people just tend to overlook them, not being clothing, but some of them are so gorgeous.  One is an awesome must de Cartier scarf...drool....
And the other is a Pierre Cardin Jeunesse - lovely and summery!
...and I promise to one day, figure out a better way to photograph a scarf...

Happy thrifitng!

10 Jun 2013

thriftshare: June 10/13 and a DIY!

So I'm a sucker for a nice wool blanket.  I have too many, yet when I see one, I just can't pass it up.  And so I have another wool blanket...
I also found some adorable apples tins - so cute for the kitchen.  Please note that the pics have been taken before I've cleaned anything....Monday morning seems to come so quickly ;)
(now available on Etsy)
And lastly this awesome Spartus alarm clock/light.  How cool is this!?  OK, maybe everyone had one as a kid, but this is a very cool space saving design - I love it! And, it works.  Gotta love that.
And my DIY....I love it, but I have to say, it's not for everyone.  I showed my visiting sister and she was nice, but "meh" about it.  Too bad she has such bad taste ;p  (kidding!)

My inspiration was from a recent Country Living magazine.  I thought this was so cool and have been looking for a front entrance 'landing strip' and storage.
Now, mine is not perfect.  I tend to be a "eh, good enough" sort of diy-er...but I love it!
Apparently filing cabinets come in 5000 different sizes, widths and heights.  So I will replace one if I find a perfectly matching size, and I still have to spray paint (and reinsert) the plastic handle inserts but it's just perfect!  I'm so easily pleased, it's silly.

Have a great thrifting week everyone!

3 Jun 2013

thriftshare: June 3, 2013

Wow, where did May, April and March go?  

I found a couple of great items at the thrift stores this week, one for myself (yay!) and one to put on Etsy.  I have quite a little collection of Descoware/Le Creuset that I've thrifted over the years, which is simply awesome, considering I'd never spend the money on a new one.  I found another Descoware pot last week - it's the most I've paid for one, at $20, but it's also in the best shape.  The inside is flawless and the lid is only slight banged up.  I cannot wait to make soup, or stew, or something!

And I found this simply gorgeous silk dress.  Not sure how vintage it is as the label is entirely in Chinese, but I did Google translate 100% silk on the tag!  I think it would look lovely belted, and it can fit so many sizes.  It will be up on Etsy soon.
I hope you all have a great thrifting/gardening/running week, cause that's what I'm gonna be doing ;)