27 May 2013

An unintended break, or, Oops, I forgot my blog!

So, the first half of the year is almost gone...and I've posted once.  Not gonna harp on it, onwards and upwards!

I love scarves: they're plentiful, cheap and beautiful things.  I have the best intentions of sewing with them, but it's really hard to take apart a gorgeous silk scarf, let me tell you.  I feel like I'm destroying it, rather than creating something new.

So some that I find, I will put in my Etsy shop because I can't bear to cut them up.  I just listed a couple here and here.  This one is my favourite:
I also found a couple of awesome vintage white clutches, perfect for summer.  I'm in the process of listing them but my photos are taking forever to upload to Etsy.  If I thought I could pull off patent vinyl, I'd totally be all over this one:
And I like this Jane Shilton leather one too.  It looks like it could actually fit my wallet...
Have a great week everyone!