20 Sep 2013

I love fall!

I love this time of year - mornings and evenings are cooler and the leaves are starting to turn.  It's almost boot season!!!

And speaking of...now that the kids are settled back in school (we start at the beginning of September), I've had some more thrifting time and got to a couple of stores yesterday.  I found some lovely boots that are slightly too small for me, but I knew that someone, somewhere would love them!  They're vintage Bootlegger!  Now, Bootlegger was all the rage when I was in high school.  I know it's still around today but not nearly as popular as the early 90's.  Which was only 10 years ago, right?  Right?

I also found two beautiful scarves: one from Lanvin (!) and one not labelled, but beautiful and very vintage looking.  I really must try to wear my hair like the lovely Eva Mendes to use the big pile of scarves I have.
(via scarveswraps.com)

Here are both scarves, which will hopefully be up in my Etsy shop later today!

Happy Thifting!  And Happy Boot Season!

1 Jul 2013

thriftshare: July 1 / Happy Canada Day!

Thrifting was great this week, the weather has turned hot and sunny, and I just started some Christmas knitting!

Got a deal on some Twilley's of Scotland wool for about $1.00 per ball, so I decided to make this great bag from Purls of Wisdom via Handmakers Factory (a great blog/project site, if you have the time to check it out .  It's formerly Wardrobe Refashion)

So someday this:

will become this:
(via Purls of Wisdom)
I also found an absolutely beautiful Bokhara carpet from Pakistan.  It's small but in beautiful shape.  I would love to keep it, but I'm afraid we would just trash it, and I think it deserves better ;)  I will have it in my Etsy shop soon.

Last but not least, I found an awesome industrial lamp which I'm keeping all to myself!  Eventually, when we finish our basement (in progress), I'll have a little sewing nook, and this will be so great in it.  Of course, I haven't bought the bulbs for it, sooooo...I'm not sure if it works yet.  But I sure hope it does.  *fingers crossed*

Ignore the disgusting laundry room and just focus on the awesomeness of the spring-arm clamp lamp:
Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canucks!  We're celebrating by going to jump in the lake!

17 Jun 2013

thriftshare: June 17

What an awesome week for thrifting!

I came across an ad in our local online classifieds for a mid-century teak table and jumped on it.  The ad only said it was made in Norway, and I'm always looking for a nice coffee table.  Turns out it's a Mobler table made by Rasmus Solberg!  It's awesome, I gotta say. I paid $85, then found an identical one on 1stdibs.com for $2700.  *BIG SMILE*

OK, so the top of mine is a little rough, and it's a little bigger  - I don't know if that's good or bad when you're looking at a coffee table? - but it's beautiful.  Larger in scale than our last table, but we'll get used to it.    Here's my baby ;)

I also got to a couple of stores and have actually managed to list some stuff this morning - it's a good day when I'm productive!  I left the store with a couple more silk scarves.  I find people just tend to overlook them, not being clothing, but some of them are so gorgeous.  One is an awesome must de Cartier scarf...drool....
And the other is a Pierre Cardin Jeunesse - lovely and summery!
...and I promise to one day, figure out a better way to photograph a scarf...

Happy thrifitng!

10 Jun 2013

thriftshare: June 10/13 and a DIY!

So I'm a sucker for a nice wool blanket.  I have too many, yet when I see one, I just can't pass it up.  And so I have another wool blanket...
I also found some adorable apples tins - so cute for the kitchen.  Please note that the pics have been taken before I've cleaned anything....Monday morning seems to come so quickly ;)
(now available on Etsy)
And lastly this awesome Spartus alarm clock/light.  How cool is this!?  OK, maybe everyone had one as a kid, but this is a very cool space saving design - I love it! And, it works.  Gotta love that.
And my DIY....I love it, but I have to say, it's not for everyone.  I showed my visiting sister and she was nice, but "meh" about it.  Too bad she has such bad taste ;p  (kidding!)

My inspiration was from a recent Country Living magazine.  I thought this was so cool and have been looking for a front entrance 'landing strip' and storage.
Now, mine is not perfect.  I tend to be a "eh, good enough" sort of diy-er...but I love it!
Apparently filing cabinets come in 5000 different sizes, widths and heights.  So I will replace one if I find a perfectly matching size, and I still have to spray paint (and reinsert) the plastic handle inserts but it's just perfect!  I'm so easily pleased, it's silly.

Have a great thrifting week everyone!

3 Jun 2013

thriftshare: June 3, 2013

Wow, where did May, April and March go?  

I found a couple of great items at the thrift stores this week, one for myself (yay!) and one to put on Etsy.  I have quite a little collection of Descoware/Le Creuset that I've thrifted over the years, which is simply awesome, considering I'd never spend the money on a new one.  I found another Descoware pot last week - it's the most I've paid for one, at $20, but it's also in the best shape.  The inside is flawless and the lid is only slight banged up.  I cannot wait to make soup, or stew, or something!

And I found this simply gorgeous silk dress.  Not sure how vintage it is as the label is entirely in Chinese, but I did Google translate 100% silk on the tag!  I think it would look lovely belted, and it can fit so many sizes.  It will be up on Etsy soon.
I hope you all have a great thrifting/gardening/running week, cause that's what I'm gonna be doing ;)

27 May 2013

An unintended break, or, Oops, I forgot my blog!

So, the first half of the year is almost gone...and I've posted once.  Not gonna harp on it, onwards and upwards!

I love scarves: they're plentiful, cheap and beautiful things.  I have the best intentions of sewing with them, but it's really hard to take apart a gorgeous silk scarf, let me tell you.  I feel like I'm destroying it, rather than creating something new.

So some that I find, I will put in my Etsy shop because I can't bear to cut them up.  I just listed a couple here and here.  This one is my favourite:
I also found a couple of awesome vintage white clutches, perfect for summer.  I'm in the process of listing them but my photos are taking forever to upload to Etsy.  If I thought I could pull off patent vinyl, I'd totally be all over this one:
And I like this Jane Shilton leather one too.  It looks like it could actually fit my wallet...
Have a great week everyone!

3 Jan 2013

New Year, New Things

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years!  Ours was good - quick (as it always is) and full of extended family (for a short period of time ;)

I've made a few resolutions this year.  I am fine with making them.  I'm tweaking a few things here and there that I'd like to do more of, or become better at, and things I'd like to do less of (...gotta get off the computer at night...).  Most are good, attainable goals.  One of which is to keep this blog better maintained and more organized.  I'd like to add a little more lifestyle-ish things as well as thrift.  I'm always trying new crafts or hobbies that I'd like to show to people and get their opinion on.  I will try!  Starting NOW!

So, I may be late to the party,  but these things are cool.  My cupboards need a little more organizing and prettifying (see, just made up a new word there! Resolutions baby!) I was at Staples today to grab a pen (like this one in Maggie's list - I'm such a copier) and saw these:

Removeable, reusable chalkboard labels!  How geekily cool!  I know my husband wouldn't think they were all that, but I'm hoping someone here would.  I began the cupboard prettification and started with some of my flours.
Notice that I have cropped out most of the rest of the cupboard which still looks like sh*t :)  *But it is the start of the new year and I shall get more organized!  And the kids go back to school next week and then I shall thrift!* (This part, btw, was said in Superhero voice.  Sounds cooler that way)