14 Apr 2012

I love to see how other people have furnished and decorated their homes, especially people whose tastes I admire. So I don't go on Pinterest, I think I would lose entire days on there. When I see other peoples homes and art on their blogs, or places that they liked that they've linked to, I get so many ideas and things I want to try and do. That being said, we've lived in our house for nearly 10 years and our living room/dining room is seriously lacking. The furniture is great, a giant leather sectional that we can all fit on to watch a movie, a few pieces of mid-century Scandinavian furniture, but the walls are...ugh.
Mmmhmm, tried the fabric thing. I'm done with it now.

Ignore the cushion on the chair, notice the lovely furnishings ;)
Surfing around lately, I've found some beautiful homes that are just so full of character, not like anything out of a magazine, but which look like they convey the look and things the owners love.  I think they're awesome and would love to steal some of their ideas.
via rummage.typepad.com
via a-living-space.blogspot.com

And I loooovvvveeeee Tiel Seivl-Keever's art, found here
via tsktsk.typepad.com

Time to hit the thrift stores again, me thinks!

7 Apr 2012

I've got the blues...

OK, so thrifting this week was so much fun!  I got a couple of awesome things, but the bad news is it's all for me :)  Nothing to share or send to the shop, oh, except a silk scarf!

And everything was blue, or teal, or a combination.  I found an awesome workhorse of a Singer in a beautiful tealy colour along with the original wooden case.  OK, so no one but me will see it in the basement in my sewing "room" but I love it to death!  And it works great so far.

I also found another Liberty of London silk scarf.  Really pretty.  I just wish I was more of a scarf girl, just like I wish I was more of a vest girl...I just can't pull them off.
And last but not least, my most awesome (I say that alot, I think) find. I know you'll agree.  A large, very large, Le Creuset French Oven.  I believe it's a 12.5L.  It is around 11" in diameter.  So AWESOME!  I felt like I was getting away with something, walking around the thrift store with it.  It was $5.00.  Really.  The outside is nearly perfect - the inside is a little rough, but nothing that bad!  It works perfectly.  AND, it matches the other oval Le Creuset oven I found a few years ago at a Value Village.  For $6.00.  Am I making you jealous yet?  Sorry for the crappy picture.  Do not photograph in front of a sunny window.  Photography 101.  I was in a hurry ;)