13 Mar 2012

One Day Late Thrift Share

Hello everyone!

My kids are on Spring Break and since I'm not willing to take them on a long thrifting shop with me...I have to go at night.  So last night was my night out, and I got some things I'm totally happy with!

First, great for morning coffee, two great big coffee mugs.  One is from Starbucks and the other looks to be a Disney parks mug.  Nice and BIG :)
I also found what I figured out is a Dansk paella pan.  I was looking around for the lid at the store, but am now thinking that it doesn't come with one.  None of the other listings I've seen have come with one.  It's a beauty.  Good and used, there's light black marks from use on the outside, but it almost looks like a marbly pattern to me - that's some good marketing for ya ;)
I also found a few great scarves: Vera and a Liberty of London (that I haven't photographed yet).

The darker one is silk and the mod swirl pattern is polyester.

And lastly, I'm hoping I've found a vintage suede Celine wallet.  Yes, I know, probably not, but I'm gonna hook up with PurseForum to see if I can authenticate it - or have my dreams crushed.

Happy thrifting week!


  1. Hi!
    I used to work for Dansk years ago. The round open roaster was not made with a lid. There are 2 different sizes. Hope that helps!

  2. Yes definitely a paella pan and no lid! I found one that was gorgeous and Tiffany blue, and huge -- I wish now that I had the sense to buy it! Good for you!