3 Jan 2013

New Year, New Things

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years!  Ours was good - quick (as it always is) and full of extended family (for a short period of time ;)

I've made a few resolutions this year.  I am fine with making them.  I'm tweaking a few things here and there that I'd like to do more of, or become better at, and things I'd like to do less of (...gotta get off the computer at night...).  Most are good, attainable goals.  One of which is to keep this blog better maintained and more organized.  I'd like to add a little more lifestyle-ish things as well as thrift.  I'm always trying new crafts or hobbies that I'd like to show to people and get their opinion on.  I will try!  Starting NOW!

So, I may be late to the party,  but these things are cool.  My cupboards need a little more organizing and prettifying (see, just made up a new word there! Resolutions baby!) I was at Staples today to grab a pen (like this one in Maggie's list - I'm such a copier) and saw these:

Removeable, reusable chalkboard labels!  How geekily cool!  I know my husband wouldn't think they were all that, but I'm hoping someone here would.  I began the cupboard prettification and started with some of my flours.
Notice that I have cropped out most of the rest of the cupboard which still looks like sh*t :)  *But it is the start of the new year and I shall get more organized!  And the kids go back to school next week and then I shall thrift!* (This part, btw, was said in Superhero voice.  Sounds cooler that way)

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