25 Jun 2012

A slow thrifting week

I'm going out on the hunt today, hoping to find some great stuff!  I have to hurry and shop, shop, shop, as my kids are done school for the summer on Thursday.  For some reason, they don't love to browse around the shops like me?!  I just don't get it ;)

Last week I found some lovely Bensimon shoes, looking like NOS (new old stock) to use some Ebay slang. I don't think they've ever been worn - and they're awesome.  Too bad I have big feet, these babies are a size 7 - 7 1/2.  I'm going to relist them on Ebay today.  I did have them on a couple of days ago, but someone helpfully pointed out that they're marked as a 38/5.  I wasn't thinking and assumed US 5 but realize now it's a UK 5.  That would've been an embarrassing blunder!

Very cute and perfect for summer

Have an awesome (and hopefully sunny!) week everyone!

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  1. I love Bensimon shoes. I lived in Europe for two years and these are definitely the slip ons of choice.