29 Oct 2012


First off, I hope everyone in the Eastern States are holding up alright!  Sandy sounds nasty.

So I have a find that I'm hoping someone can help me with.  I found this beautiful piece of folk art at a local thrift and it's obviously handmade, and I believe it's old, just not sure how old.  And I'm going to list in in my etsy shop, as I know it's probably quite collectable.  I've been trying to research  it, but prices and sizes are all over the place!  Has anyone ever found anything like this; anything you can tell me about it?
The horse stands about 22 1/4" tall floor to ear and it's about 19" long knee to tail.
The patina and colours are great.
The legs and head are removable too - hey, makes for easy packing!

I'm really trying beef up my listings before the holidays, but the weeks keep sneaking by on me.  Happy thrifting everyone!

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