1 Oct 2012

thrift share Monday

Thrifting's been a little thin this week, but I got a couple of items I'm happy with.  Scarves.  Again. I find alot of scarves, nice ones.  Makes me wish I were more of a scarf girl, just like I wish I was more of a vest girl.  I can't pull it off, don't know why.

So, a couple of nice silk scarves: Oscar de la Renta and Echo, a brand I hadn't seen before.  But, I love a good polka dot - couldn't resist ;)
Oscar - love the fall colours!

Polka dots!
I also grabbed this beautiful Dooney & Bourke handbag.  I love the classic lines and simple shape.  I, however, just spent a handful on a vintage Cashin handbag and need to sell this one!
Lastly, this ones a keeper!  I bought this from a local lady who was downsizing and selling her late husbands things.  It's a beautiful stereo cabinet with storage (and a working record player. Score!) and her husband made it!  I love the style, thought for sure it was Danish or a look alike mid-century style, but he made it in the 60's.  The story makes it even more special and perfectly awesome.
Please ignore the crap on top and the cords beneath - I'm working on  it!
Happy thrifting guys!


  1. I know, eh? But I'm trying to get rid of extra stuff, so, alas, I must sell it ;)

  2. Oh goshy gosh, that cabinet is amazing. I love furniture from that era. What a great find! Don't blame you that it's a keeper :)

    Loving the polkadot scarf too, and the bag.... :)

    Aniko via Apron Thrift Girl's linkie