3 Jun 2013

thriftshare: June 3, 2013

Wow, where did May, April and March go?  

I found a couple of great items at the thrift stores this week, one for myself (yay!) and one to put on Etsy.  I have quite a little collection of Descoware/Le Creuset that I've thrifted over the years, which is simply awesome, considering I'd never spend the money on a new one.  I found another Descoware pot last week - it's the most I've paid for one, at $20, but it's also in the best shape.  The inside is flawless and the lid is only slight banged up.  I cannot wait to make soup, or stew, or something!

And I found this simply gorgeous silk dress.  Not sure how vintage it is as the label is entirely in Chinese, but I did Google translate 100% silk on the tag!  I think it would look lovely belted, and it can fit so many sizes.  It will be up on Etsy soon.
I hope you all have a great thrifting/gardening/running week, cause that's what I'm gonna be doing ;)


  1. Those pots are fabulous, and I think you got a good price. They are so hard to find in good shape.

    1. I know, I'm probably pretty lucky because the others have been like $6-7!

  2. I have pot envy my boyfriend and I pick them up when ever we find them in good shape but yet to find a big one like yours. The dress is great.