31 Jan 2012

San Tropez, anyone?

My finds at the thrift store yesterday had me wanting to pack my lovely new bag, throw on some big cateye  shades, tie my silk scarf around my head and head for some sunny foreign port, like San Tropez.  I must have the slushy, middle-of-winter doldrums.

My lovely leather suitcase below and silk scarf, which I believe I will put on Etsy...my vacation plans will have to wait. *sigh*
A closer look at the scarf.
And a very cool looking paper cut design by a Polish designer called Sztuka Lowicka... I think.  All the pages I find my computer will not translate due to an error.  Grrr.  It's beautifully coloured and very slightly damaged, so it will likely find a home on my wall.
Happy thrifting!


  1. I recently found 4 cards that match paper cut design and he guy who I had gotten them from was polish! I love them, but never had any sort of lead, so thank you for this post. :)

  2. The papercut is gorgeous! I am glad you are keeping it.

  3. that paper cut dealio takes my breath away! totally cool.