6 Feb 2012

My favourite church thrift store

My favourite local thrift store is in the basement of a church, run by sweet little volunteers ladies who will still price some things at a quarter.  A Quarter.  Take that Value Village (aka Savers)!  I only found a couple of things while out this week and both at the church thrift store.

First, an old Smith 8 Day clock.  It's a beautiful mantle clock (right now on my piano) and dates from the 1940s.  It seems to work, perhaps sporadically, and as I have no idea how to tinker with it, I'm not sure if it's fixable or not!  But it seems to keep time well.  I think I'll keep it though as it has a little water damage on the face.  It's really nice, though, to pick up a clock off the shelf and realize that it's not plastic :)

Forgive the bad picture, I took it at night with a flash.  It really does make a difference, eh?

I also found this great casserole that I need some help identifying.  I know it's 70s vintage and I'm almost sure my mom has a dish set that she used to use for guests that had this design on it.  The mark on the bottom is too faded to read.  Ideas, anyone?  It's a great piece and this will likely end up on Etsy.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I think it might be Denby Chevron (from England), but not that familiar with the line..

  2. Don't you love old clocks? I sometimes buy them even if they don't work at all, just because they're beautiful. Great finds!

  3. A La Modern is right, It is a Denby Chevron, also called Camelot (as it was the dinnerware chosen by Jackie Kennedy when in the White House). It was designed by Gill Pemberton. It is beautiful and collectible.

  4. Thanks guys, you're a wealth of knowledge!!