13 Feb 2012


I'm linking up with Apron Thrift Girl this morning and wishing I lived in an area that had more (or any) estate sales.  The idea of getting numbers to enter and lining up is really foreign to me - it sounds like it would be a bit frustrating being amongst others who want the same things you do and are jockeying for position with you, but the finds, the Finds!, look great!

Most of my thrifting is done at thrift stores or garage sales, of which there are none at the moment.  Spring is coming though, and then so will the yard sales, yay!

I did have a great find at the thrift store though and that was this tray.
It's a Jens Quistgaard Fjord tray!  It's my first Quistgaard find and it is really a beautiful shape and design.  Googling (I believe that is now a legitimate verb) Quistgaard and looking at his designs...it's really amazing,the things he made.  Really beautiful.

So the tray is well loved ;)  It's not in the best shape, some wear, but mostly on the bottom, as you may expect.  The top actually looks pretty nice.  I'm going to put it in my shop (perhaps without the "trying for artsy" pic I took above...meh) because in my home it would just get buried under stuff and be under-appreciated.

I'm off to the thrift store today in hopes of scoring more!  I'm on a roll :)

Happy thrifting everyone!


  1. I love those trays! I have one that I managed to find for cheap on ebay. If I remember right it wasn't labeled correctly.

  2. that is a gorgeous tray and a great photo too. i absolutely agree about the estate sale thing. i can't believe the sheer volume of estate sales that selena goes to. we just don't have them here in british columbia. sigh.

  3. Beautiful tray! I actually like the pic you took. Keep looking and you will keep finding.

  4. such a beautiful tray! are those lemons on it? it must be huge! we've never done the numbers thing at estate sales before either, but I'm thinking we should probably get into that to improve our chances of finding more good stuff...

  5. They are lemons! It's a fair size, probably around 56-58cm long.